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Sturgeon Fishing
Reading the river like a sturgeon


Reading the water: Written by Dennis Hull ( Bite Me Guide Service )

    In order to be consistently successful at sturgeon fishing and catching keeper sized sturgeon youNovember in the columbia river gorge - a good day sturgeon fishing in Oregon must learn to think like a sturgeon. By this I mean that you have to be able to recognize places where the most food will be available and at the least amount of effort to get at it. For example if The current is real strong and the bottom structure is fairly flat the food will be swept away quickly and therefore not be easy to catch up with. If there is fast current and some ledges, shelves and drop-offs this will provide areas that the food will be funneled into or deposited in. Sturgeon are like many other fish in that they use the bottom structure and the current to there advantage. When selecting a spot to drop your anchor for sturgeon fishing always take note of current speeds and current characteristics. The best places to anchor up is where there is a current edge in other words the faster water meets the slower water. These edges work like a rip current and tend to concentrate the food along the edge lines. When selecting a spot to fish, find one that has a good current in a steady direction with a ledge or drop-off or channel underneath and also make sure that there isn't a back or eddy current as this will make your boat and baits swing back and forth instead of staying still in the strike zone. While big swirling eddy's can be a great spot to fish most of the time the swinging of the boat makes them unfishable.

   Now lets talk about tidal waters. The movement of the tides is extremely important to understand if you are going to be a successful sturgeon fisherperson in the estuary's. This fish move around allot in the tidewater areas in search of shrimp, clams, and small bait fish. Look for drop-offs with good current coming off of large flats, large flats with channels of deeper water running thru them, and deep holes near large flats or marshy areas. In the tidewater areas seaweed becomes an issue so try to find areas out of the main tidal flow but with good current and this will keep the seaweed problem to a minimum. Remember that sturgeon move allot and to look in different areas with different current, depth and bottom structure you just might be surprised where you find them and where you don't. With plenty of practice in reading the water and tides you will find that you too will be able to think like a sturgeon and your keeper catch percentage will go up dramatically.


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