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Oregon's Salmon fishing rivers provided by captain Dennis Hull from Bite Me Guide Service. I will attempt to give you some examples of some of the better Salmon fishing rivers in Oregon. Below is a list of rivers that have good Salmon runs. I hope this helps you with planning your fishing trip on the rivers of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. If your in need of a guide for fishing some of these rivers give us a call thats what we do 503-551-6369. or email us

  • Columbia river: The Columbia River which borders Oregon and Washington is one of the Best Salmon fishing rivers in the world. While it doesn't have the numbers of fish returning that it once did before the dams, it still has huge numbers of salmon returning in many different runs at different times of the year. It has runs of Spring Chinook known as (Springer's) here in Oregon and Washington,  Fall Chinook also known as "Upriver  Brights" or King Salmon, summer Chinook (June Hogs), Coho ( Silvers), Sockeye, Chum. The Columbia is where one of the most famous Salmon fishing seasons takes place. The famous "Buoy 10" season that begins in August at the mouth of the Columbia river in Astoria Oregon. Thousands of anglers travel to Astoria Oregon and Ilwaco Washington each summer to fish for the abundant Chinook and Coho salmon. While the Salmon fishing can be fantastic on this large river it can be difficult to plan for due to complicated regulations and seasons. It is best to plan far in advance for fishing the Columbia and to have a backup plan in case the catch quota has been reached or the season gets changed. Update - winding down for the year.

  • Willamette river: The Willamette River a tributary of the Columbia river flows through the Willamette valley and one of the largest rivers in Oregon also has excellent Salmon fishing. It to has benefited from the same programs as the Columbia. It has strong returning runs of Spring Chinook and fall Coho. These Willamette Springer's are some of the best eating fish found anywhere in the world with extremely high oil contents. Willamette Spring Chinook can reach weights in excess of 50lbs. There is also a small run of Fall Chinook in the Willamette but not in fishable numbers. The springer run is from March to May on the Willamette, the fall coho is Sept to Oct. Booking now for the 2012 springer season.

  • Tillamook Bay: Tillamook Bay and the 5 rivers that feed it are world famous for big Fall Chinook or King Salmon as they are also known. Tillamook also has excellent fishing for Coho and up in the Kilchis and Miami Rivers Chum Salmon. The Chum fishing is a catch and release fishing only thing and the rules on the Coho or silvers change from year to year as far as retention goes. The Tillamook watershed is a major producer for Wild Coho and Fall Chinook. There are also Hatchery operations that support a growing fishery for hatchery raised Spring Chinook. Tillamook is a very large shallow estuary with lots of sandbars. It is also very rich in nutrients which causes the seaweed to grow very well, also making it one of the tougher places to fish. fishing can be very good but expect to have to work for your fish. If you like a relaxing day on the water without crowds Tillamook wont be for you. If you are willing to put in the work it does kick out some huge fall salmon however. Tillamook Bay fall chinook salmon fishing lasts longer than many other coastal rivers often producing chrome bright big salmon into November and December. Tillamook Update - Fall chinook salmon season is happening now and will be into November - give us a call if you need a guide. This year is going to be a good year.

  • Yaquina river: The Yaquina river enters the pacific ocean in Newport Oregon, a popular tourist destination on the central coast. While Newport is known for its ocean fishing and crabbing it is also home to one of the best kept secrets - fall king salmon fishing on the Yaquina river and Yaquina bay. The tidewater sections of the river offer easy fishing for good numbers of returning fall Chinook and wild Coho. This is one of my favorite destinations for fall kings and where we spend most of our time in October. I Do have open dates and this year looks to be a good one based on early catches. The Chinook get quite large and with little fishing pressure this is one of my favorite fall salmon destinations. The Yaquina Bay and River salmon fishery is one of the very few coastal rivers that has hatchery operations on fall chinook salmon. In recent years there has been a limited wild coho fishery because of high returns of wild silver salmon. The salmon season in Newport on the Yaquina river and Bay runs from mid September to early November and some years into late November.

  • Rogue river: The Rogue river on the southern coast of Oregon and runs into the Pacific Ocean at Gold Beach Oregon and  has outstanding runs of Spring Chinook, Coho and Fall Chinook. Last fall on the Rogue a 71.5 pound Fall Chinook was caught on a fly rod. The rogue is a very popular destination for salmon fishing in Oregon. 

  • Umpqua river: The Umpqua flows into the Pacific Ocean in Winchester Bay. The Umpqua river is a good producer for Fall Chinook and Coho, It also has an excellent run of Big Spring Chinook that the locals don't talk about much. Because of its location in the central part of the state it receives much less angling pressure than some of the more popular salmon rivers in Oregon.

  • Alsea river: The Alsea is a large coastal river that drains into the Pacific at Waldport Oregon on the central Oregon Coast. It is a great river for big Fall Chinook, Coho with a small run of Spring Chinook. The Alsea river tidewater is very long with lots of small marinas and campgrounds offering folks lots of options. Fishing can be very good on this river.

  • Siletz river: The Siletz river drains into the pacific ocean at Lincoln City. This is a large free flowing river that has great numbers of wild salmon returning each year. The Siletz is very popular for Large Fall Chinook or Kings. Runs of Coho are also strong but most are wild and must be released. It also has a small run of Spring Chinook. The Siletz has a large tidewater section but ramp access and campgrounds are very limited. This tends to pack all of the crowds into the lower few miles of the river. Most prefer to anchor with plugs on this river - making it a lazy fishermans dream.

  • Nestucca river: The Nestucca river enters the Pacific Ocean at Pacific City and is a very consistent producer of extremely large Fall Chinook, with fish over 50 lbs fairly common. It also has runs of wild Coho and Springer's. The Nestucca is a large river with a fairly small tidewater area. Its is very shallow in the lower parts of the river making navigation a bit challenging. Fishing can be very good for those that know how to fish it. The river above tidewater is all a bank or driftboat show.

  • Nehalem river: The Nehalem River is a good river for Fall Chinook and Coho and is also one of the few places in Oregon that has a run of Summer Chinook. The north fork of the Nehalem river also has a hatchery that raises Coho so you can keep the silvers in this river that have hatchery marks. All native Coho must be released. The Nehalem river flows into the pacific just north of Rockaway and flows through the Coastal towns of Nehalem and Wheeler. Both the Bay and river are very productive for big summer and fall chinook as well as the hatchery coho.

  • Clackamas river: The Clackamas is a very popular salmon river and has hatchery supported runs of Spring Chinook and Coho. It is a major tributary of the Willamette River and has Salmon or Steelhead fishing opportunities year round. Due to the fact that it is in Portland it can get very crowded. Even with the crowds it is a very good fishing river.

  • Sandy river: The Sandy is another popular Portland Oregon area river. Like the Clackamas it has runs of Spring Chinook and Coho as well as some Fall Chinook fishing opportunities.

  • Santiam river: The Santiam river is a tributary of the Willamette river and both the North Fork and the South Fork offer great fishing for Spring Chinook. There are large hatchery operations on the South Fork of the Santiam and most Willamette River Spring Chinook originated there.

  • Deschutes river: The Deschutes river in Central Oregon is recognized as one of the premier fishing destinations in the Northwest. While it is better known for its world renowned steelhead fishing and fly fishing for trout fame it also has good returns of spring and fall Chinook.

  • Elk, Chetco, Sixes, and Coquille rivers: These southern Oregon coastal rivers are where you want to fish for Salmon in the winter. These rivers have great fishing for fall Chinook and the runs return later here. These rivers get good around mid November and will produce big Salmon into January.


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