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For tips on popular salmon tackle read below
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Salmon fishing using trolling gear is by far the most popular method in the saltwater. trolling bait behind divers is the preferred method. Lures can also be very productive for catching salmon. To the left are some of the more popular salmon trolling lures (from top to bottom) Coyote spoon, Diamond king, Jplug, Wiggle Wart, Rogue bait rig.

Spoons are primarily used in the Ocean or Great Lakes. They are very productive on the big waters of the Ocean or Great Lakes where large schools of salmon feed aggressively on bait fish, once the salmon start to move upriver the preferred baits change to herring, spinners or large plugs.  Plugs work both on the Ocean and upriver with Kwikfish or Flatfish being the most popular. For the Coho and further upriver the wiggle warts can be deadly.

Bait rigs either with spinner blades or plain rigged with herring, anchovy, prawns and shrimp are by far the most popular method for trolling out west with spoons and flies being the go to bait for great lakes fisherman, bait is starting to gain in popularity as more Great lakes anglers try it and learn how to run it.
    If you want to learn how to spin a herring or catch fish using other trolling methods I am a full time guide and we have a very good salmon season just around the corner - buoy 10 salmon fishing in Astoria and Ilwaco at the mouth of the Columbia river. This years run is forecast to be a very good one for big king salmon and coho salmon. This is where the trolling tactics shine. I have some open dates if you would like to learn and catch some big salmon at the same time. the season for buoy 10 is mid August to early September. Call the number at the right.

kwikfish Anchor fishing plugs and Wobblers is a very effective way to target salmon in the rivers. Large salmon plugs like the flatfish or kwikfish are used on anchor or back trolled to target fish moving upriver. The name of the game here is to anchor or to back troll in known fish migration routes and put the lure near the bottom so that when the salmon swim upstream they have it right in there face which then irritates them into striking it. This years fall king salmon run on the Columbia River is going to be huge.
    If you would like to go on a guided trip to see how to use plugs and wobblers this would be a good year to do it. The limit goes to two king salmon per person after Sept 10 in the Portland area. Call me at the number to the right I would be happy to be your guide for a day of fishing and to show you how to use these fish catching lures.


deep six diver - luhr jensen

dipsy diver - dipsey diver

luhr jensen jet diver

pink lady trolling diver - luhr jensen

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Divers and flashers used for trolling for salmon. One of the most popular means of getting your salmon fishing baits down to the fish is using divers or planers. These devices come in many styles and different sizes. All are effective at getting bait down to the desired depth. Some even have highly reflective finishes and act as an attractor as well as a diver. These divers are attached to the mainline and have a leader attached to the rear of the diver.  The use of flashers or attractors is also popular. The flashers are usually placed in the leader inline with the bait. The problem with most flashers however is that they are prone to nasty line tangles and twists.


We have solved that problem with our new diver. Introducing our new patent pending
"Flash Rattle & Dive" flashing fishing diver. The flasher actually operates as part of the diver and is not in the leader at all. The diver is designed so that the flasher operates directly under the backside of the diver which lights up the underside of the diver as well as the colored light passing through the diver reflects out to the sides off the flasher blade. Double the flash with zero line tangles.  We have them available in Great lakes models and west coast models. The great lakes models dive to 100ft, will not false trip, can be released from the boat, can be reset without reeling in on a missed fish and are directional. The west coast models are a heavier trip design for bigger harder pulling baits and bigger fish, they cant be tripped from the boat and are non directional. "Dipsy Divers" cannot compare. Give ours a try you will see what we mean. Did you know you "Dipsey Divers" have been for the most part obsolete out west for 20 years.
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If you want to see the FRD's in action book a trip with me at buoy 10 in August - early Sept they will be in action on my guide boat whacking salmon. This year is going to be a very good year for buoy 10 at the mouth of the Columbia River. Call me at the nu


clearwater flash spinner by luhr jensen

salmon spinners

salmon trolling spinner


Spinners for Salmon Fishing are very popular out here in the northwest. The color choices can be as varied as the fisherman that use them. These rainbow spinners as we call them are usually quite large for the fall fish and smaller for the spring and summer fish. Sizes range from a size 3 blade to as big as a 13 on some of the ones used for the fall salmon. Most are un-weighted and used with a diver or lead dropper on a three way swivel set up. some have some weight added for casting. Most rainbow spinners are either trolled or fished on anchor letting the current of the river work the blade. We will be offering some cool spinners for sale on our shopping pages soon. These will be deadly on the great lakes for salmon. I am surprised that more folks in the great lakes area don't know about how effective spinners can be.

There are many different ways to catch salmon here in Oregon and Washington. Depending upon where, when, and what type of Salmon fishing you are doing the techniques vary widely. In the saltwater in the ocean or in the rivers where they flow into the ocean it is primarily a trolling with herring, anchovies or bait fish imitating spoons similar to the commercial fishing lures used. Once the Salmon move in from the Ocean that's when the methods start to change. In the bays and estuaries the herring and anchovies are still the most widely used method up to the point of where the saltwater and the freshwater start to mix. When salmon fishing in an area where the fresh and salt meet spinners and large plugs such as spinners and kwikfish are popular and effective methods for catching salmon. Other popular Salmon fishing methods is the tidewater areas are bobber and egg presentations. Further upriver in the larger rivers such as the Columbia, Willamette, Cowlitz and other large rivers the preferred methods are anchoring with Kwikfish, large metal wobblers such as Alvin's, Clancy's, Klures and spinner and prawn or shrimp rigs on the outgoing tide. Trolling with Herring or spinners is the most popular method with an incoming tide or at times when there is low current. Bank salmon anglers prefer to Plunk with spin glos or other drift bobbers. In water that has good current flow back bouncing eggs is also a popular method. In the smaller fast water rivers drift fishing with drift bobbers combined with shrimp and eggs is popular and effective as well as bobber and egg fishing and some large plugs will also produce when back trolled downstream.

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  Do you have your buoy 10 salmon fishing dates booked? this years king salmon run is going to be huge Buoy 10 salmon fishing starts in August - I have a few open dates

How about your Columbia river fall chinook salmon fishing dates? In September this year the limit goes to two kings per person. That is the first time in decades you can keep two 50lb king salmon on the Columbia.

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