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Salmon Fishing in Oregon

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Salmon Fishing in Oregon
written by Oregon fishing guide Dennis Hull 

    Salmon fishing in Oregon and Washington is some of the best sportfishing in the world for Salmon. In Oregon and Washington we have many different Salmon fishing seasons for many different types of Salmon. Some thesebuoy 10 coho and chinook salmon fishing Guides seasons are the Famous "Buoy 10" Salmon season at the mouth of the Columbia river which offers opportunities to fish for both coho and chinook salmon on the Coast of Oregon and Washington at Astoria Oregon and Ilwaco Washington. The Spring Chinook Salmon season on the Columbia and Willamette Rivers, Rogue River and Tillamook Bay. In the Fall we have fishing for big king salmon or fall chinook as they are known here in the Pacific Northwest on the Oregon Coast and Washington Coast at popular salmon fishing locations such as Tillamook Bay and  Portland Oregon.

Buoy ten salmon season at the mouth of the Columbia river is going to be a good one this year. We are only going to be there the peak two weeks of the season in late August do you have your dates reserved? 503-551-6369

The species of salmon found here in Oregon and Washington include Chinook Salmon (King Salmon), Sockeye Salmon , Coho Salmon (Silver Salmon), and Chum salmon. The two main species of salmon pursued by anglers are of course the Chinook and the Coho salmon . The Coho salmon ( silver  salmon ), chum salmon, and sockeyebig chinook salmon fishing in Oregon at buoy 10 salmon all have only one run a year. The Coho fishing  begins with there upriver migration beginning in July or August and they continue there migration back to the spawning beds through the fall months. The Spring Chinook salmon start entering the rivers as early as late January and continue to run into June the Springer's as they are called are by far the most highly prized fish for eating of any of the salmon found in north America The best spring Chinook fishing is from mid March to mid May.  June and July is summer chinook time. Once known as June Hogs these are very big bright fish and are some of the best biters we have. The season for these is very short but one of the best. The Fall Chinook which are usually the biggest Salmon that we have here in Oregon and Washington start there upstream run in the late summer months and usually run through December or early January depending on which river system, each system has slightly different run timing. The Fall Salmon gets going good by late September or early October. The Tule Chinook and Oregon fishing guides spring chinook salmon fishing in Portland OregonUpriver brights begin there run in July and August with the opener of Buoy 10 in Astoria and Ilwaco, these salmon move into the Columbia river system and continue to offer salmon fishing opportunities into October or November. The Tule Chinook salmon are big fish but are of lesser quality for eating, they are still good when bright but rapidly start to turn dark when they get to the fresh water. The Upriver brights are just that chrome bright and excellent eating. The so called summer Chinook are found in some of the  coastal river systems as well as the Columbia River and are really probably just late Springer's or early fall fish.
    Techniques for fishing for salmon in the Pacific Nortwest and catching Salmon vary widely depending on which river, water conditions, river flows, time of the year andBuoy 10 coho and chinook salmon fishing with Oregon Fishing Guides so on. We will get into the specifics or the different techniques in the other pages of the salmon tips and tricks section. Click on the links at the top right of the page to view our other salmon fishing tips and techniques pages.






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